*FACES Policy enroll online or in counseling or classes. Arrive early to pay your fees.

First week: Orientation with both parents

  • With no restraining order. Both parents meet with the counselor to review the rules of the program. Read the Child’s Bill of Rights, and agree tot eh tenants of the program.

  • With restraining order. Parents attend separately and receive information separately the first week.

Remaining Sessions: Focus is on introducing or rebuilding the child and parent relationship. Individual session may occur to address issues that lead to the estrangement in cases where the following may have occurred.

Treatment Verification Reports by therapists are completed and available to parents for submission to court prior to the next scheduled hearing.


Parents are required to enroll in separate classes


*Monitored visits are set according to staff availability at each of F.A.C.E.S.  sites: Fullerton, Santa Ana and Laguna Hills

  • Please expect some delays for both parents to complete their enrollment and for the case to be assigned to teh next available monitor. Reports of the visits are sent prior to court hearing.

  • Visits are structured with the case management approach. One monitor is assigned to teh case. This is the person to contact in case of any changes

*FACES Policy Enroll online or in counseling or classes. Arrive early to pay your fees