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Agency Steps Up When Executive Director is Struck with Virus

FACES staff rallied to keep the agency when our founder and Executive Director is ill

On July 10, I felt a tightening in my chest. I felt like I couldn't catch my breath. Shortness of breath was not unfamiliar to me, I have had bronchitis in the past. I called my doctor and got an immediate appointment online. Later in the day I was given a covid test.

For the last twenty three days I have had visits with my doctor, emergency room visit, chest exray and blood tests. I have had the chills, tiredness, and for the last 10 days wheezing when I talked. It was kind of frightening, not being able to be up on my feet for more than a couple of minutes without getting short of breath.

The concentration on my own health left little room to provide guidance and supervision for staff at the agency. The team responded with extra work for everyone. Our office manager sent out emails and recruited temporary clinical supervisors. Our Asst Director of Programs has been maintaining the day to day operations. Our Development Director has been going forward with the website, and a virtual fundraiser planning. Our Volunteer coordinator brought in more volunteers to assist with office duties. Each therapist and monitor has not only been seeing clients but supporting their cohorts, talking to our referral sources and problem solving with clients.

What I have seen is an amazing team of men and women pulling together.

I can concentrate on getting better....and it is taking much longer than I expected...knowing there are quality professionals there for our agency and the families we serve. Lesson learned: Set up better contingency plans, policies and procedures. Working on them!

Thank you!

PS Don't forget to wear your masks!

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