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Updated: Dec 31, 2020

FACES is 90% Volunteer Run. Our team gave 150% to keep us going

These last few months have been a tremendous challenge for our workforce. Forty employees and volunteers found our doors shut and wondering what to do next.

We immediately had to lay off our small full time and many part time staff.

After the initial shock and feelings of being frozen in place wore off we got into gear and doubled our efforts to make sure the agency kept going and we were here for families.

Our office manager volunteered to be in the office every day. Since she was there alone, we learned how and conducted zoom meetings.

Team Meetings Our supervision sessions were stressful for all...getting over the technical challenges and managing our stage fright at sharing in front of a camera! We are now laughing and crying together, since we are all in this together and managing our business life at home can have its moments! Words get cut off or the band slows down and words come out soooo slowly! We had to learn how to smile more, nod more, look at the camera sometimes rather than the person in the little box and lean in at times when hearing each other's shares.

And the community stepped up

Within a week the Orange County Community Foundation was contacting its funders and sending out request for proposals for emergency funding. We were very fortunate to receive funding to put our staff back to work, since we immediately experienced a 70% reduction in our fee for services income. Our gratitude for our community partners was great as we forged forward to start doing all our work virtually.

We are here for you

As always FACES remains welcoming, professional and compassionate in it services. Our wonderful Development Manager Whitney Taylor has created this new user friendly website for you to see who we are and give you opportunities to interact with us. Please give us your feedback. We are listening!

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