• Mary O'Connor

Giving feels Good

Whenever I am having a slump day, as I call them, someone will call, or I will call a friend and the down feelings disappear as I hear their stories.

Connecting is one way of giving. It is giving your time, listening, empathizing, laughing with another human

Giving dollars also feels good, when you know it is something that need support. Whether it is a large or small organization, the non profits out there are managing on little and performing good works for the community.

Giving at home can mean stopping at the store and picking up a favorite for dinner, or folding your teen's clothes when he is busy outside with his part time job.

Self pity slips away when we are thinking of and doing for others. These words may sound simple, but the action is amazing when it happens!

You are in charge of your own life, your thoughts and feelings. When you manage well and take time for another person, you have a feeling of satisfaction that no store bought item can replace.

Glad to be here and let you know the latest ideas to share.


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