• Mary O'Connor

One day at a Time During Pandemic

Many of my friends are experiencing Pandemic Burn Out. They say they have moments of sadness and isolation and get a feeling of panic, disorganization and downright sadness or depression. They want to crawl back into bed and forget the day.

This is true of the young parents I talk to who are not only juggling the many tasks of work, their children's activities and caring for the household, but never really having time for themselves. This lack of self care brings about bouts of irritability and thoughts of escape. You are not alone if you have been having these thoughts lately. Parenting is a challenge, but during the Covid 19 long term readjustment, this is particularly hard. Yes, hard. We all want to spin things so we don't go to the negative, but you get to acknowledge that your work lately has been hard. You are okay if you don't feel 100% all the time.

If you can find five minutes a day to get quiet and mediate, if you give yourself permission to play a song you like and just sit and listen to it. If you get in the shower and let the water run on you even two times a day, or if you want to pick up a book and read some up lifting words, then do it! You definitely deserve to go outside and take a five minute walk, call a friend and talk for 20 minutes if that makes you happy, or draw, write or sing in the car. Mindfulness tells us to notice the moments when we are enjoying ourselves. Feel our legs when we are walking, notice the dog when you are petting her. Give yourself some moments. You will come back a little more balanced, refreshed and sane.

Myself, I have been using the calm app, and swimming even when I don't feel like it..low grade depression can make you not feel like doing things...but afterwards, I feel invigorated!

Remember this is your life, not their life. You taking care of you is so important to your mental health. And when you are balanced, they feel it too.


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