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Supervised Visits-Online during the Pandemic

Updated: Oct 19

Whether you are bringing your child to a visit or being the visiting parent, you can prepare for this time with your child. Especially for the supervised visit online.


Encourage your child to see her other parent. "You get to see your father today. He is very excited to see you."


I know you are scared to see him but we have to do this because the judge ordered it. Don't be scared, I am with you.


Talk to your friend or therapist about how to act. When you act scared or frightened, your child will pick up that anxiety and also be scare

In the past several months our services have transitiodned to all virtual sessions, including our supervised visits. The learning curve has been amazing both for staff and parents.

Separation and Custody in the Context of Domestic Violence

Separation often signifies an end to a relationship; but for many adult victims of domestic violence, separation marks instead an escalation of the batterer’s violence and manipulative tactics. Emotional, psychological, sexual, financial and physical abuse, stalking, and harassment often continue at significant rates post-separation and may become even more severe.

Awards of custody and visitation to the batterer ensure continued contact between the adult victim and the batterer, thereby creating an opportunity for the batterer to continue the abuse. Lethal violence occurs more frequently during and after separation than when the adult victim and batterer are still together. Children can be targets of or witnesses to this violence. It is difficult, however, to predict in exactly which case, or under what circumstances, the adult victim and the children are at risk. With supervised visits, the monitor can stop the visit, call out inappropriate behaviors.

With online visits, the custodial parent can be observing a young child from a distance in the same room, since the child needs to be taken care of 24/7. With online visits, the children have the experience of being with their other parent, while distance is maintained between the victimized recovering parent and his/her violent parent.

If you have questions regarding your court order for supervised visits please call us at 714 447 9024. Or you can email us at


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