Your contributions will​ ​​help us recruit new therapists, develop a stronger infrastructure, and connect our clients with more accessible services. You can make a difference in the lives of small children. Help us  to end conflict and violence within separating families, working to improve parental communication, building more peaceful home environments for the future of our communities and youth. 

We are a registered 501(c)(3) charitable organization under NTEE 599 (Other Mental Health, Crisis Intervention) and
NTEE F60 (Counseling Support Groups), EIN 33-0560054.


All contributions are tax-deductible. No goods or services will be provided in exchange for the contribution.easy.

June 6 2022






I am writing on behalf of Family Assessment Counseling & Education Services better known as FACES. As you know, FACES has helped prevent family violence and been a safe place to heal for thousands of children and parents with custody crisis situations. FACES has provided sliding scale counseling services to parents and children in crisis from separation, divorce and domestic violence for the past 33 years. During the pandemic we shifted to online and saw double the number of families as increased our staff to meet the need.


Just as we were safely opening our doors to the families again, all the tenants in the 2601 E. Chapman Building were given two weeks notice to leave as the new owner was demolishing the building to rebuild.  FACES has been in Fullerton since 1988 when we were founded and right now we need your financial support to rebuild a new counseling office in Fullerton. We must find a good permanent home in Fullerton for FACES.


Our project is called 100 Smiles. The first 100 Founders will each contribute $100 or more to initiate the move and the improvements for our new home, a safe space for families. We currently have families online who are waiting for us to move to this new Fullerton space so they can see their children in person. You can make a difference today. We ask your help for this donation. The first original founders will receive 100 smiles pins. Our giving wall in our new offices will honor our significant donors. Volunteers have come forth to help us with the transitional move and rededication of FACES in the community!


FACES has provided safe environments for community members to seek, enroll, and access low and no cost mental health care coverage, services, and other resources. Please help us rebuild our homebase so that we can be here for many years to come.  


We thank you in advance for your generosity. Please feel free donate by phone, online via our website at or through FACES Paypal account at Questions? contact me at 714 447 9024 or email us at




Mary O’Connor

Happily Retired Co-Founder and CEO

Development Consultant

FACES-Family Assessment Counseling & Education Services Inc.