Elige tu plan de precios

  • Indiv. Counseling

    Cada semana
    See a counselor in the privacy of your home
    Valido para 16 semanas
    • Sliding scale based on income from $35
  • Reunification

    $300 for the first 5 sessions. After that, $60 per session
    • Covid Related Stress Counseling
  • Group Registration

    Cada mes
    Register for Anger Management, Parenting, Co-Parenting
    • Registration materials, handouts, links to other resources
  • Anger Management

    Cada semana
    Learn to manage impulses to retreat, explode, hold grudges
    Valido para 26 semanas
    • Weekly group discussion, pages from ABCs of Anger Management
    • 26 weeks
    • $50 registration, $30 per week
    • To register, go to the registration plan
  • Co-parenting Therapy

    Cada semana
    Increase communication for the sake of your child
    • Up to 16 weeks of communication support
    • Fee is shared by both parents
  • Co-parenting II

    Cada semana
    Communication for single parents
    • Each parent is responsible for 1/2 fee.
    • Excellent way to build peaceful parenting plans.